Frequently Asked Questions

Will it easily fall off?

No, our exclusive technology ensures an exceptionally strong magnetic attraction, so it remains securely in place.

Will it make my ears feel pressured or compress my ears?

The EarAllure is designed to be comfortable for wearers. While it uses a strong magnetic attraction to ensure it remains securely in place, it should not exert undue pressure or cause discomfort to your ears. 

It is not recommended for children under 6 years of age. While safe to try, their tiny hands and sensitive skin may not enjoy the sensation.

I don't have pierced ears, can I wear them?

Certainly! The EarAllure uses magnetotherapy technology, which means it likely employs magnetic attraction to stay in place. You don't need pierced ears to wear it. It's designed to be worn comfortably on the earlobe without the need for a piercing.

Is its sole purpose for weight loss?

While the EarAllure is designed to facilitate weight loss, it can also serve as a stylish accessory or decorative piece.

How long should I wear it each day?

For optimal results, it is recommended to wear EarAllure consistently throughout the day.

How long before seeing results?

Most users have reported a weight loss of up to 40 kilograms within a month. However, results may vary from person to person. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule and a balanced diet can enhance its effectiveness.

Where will it be shipped from?

It will be shipped from the warehouse closest to the buyer's address to ensure prompt delivery.

Will it cause allergies?

No worries. The EarAllure primarily uses Germanium and magnetotherapy technology. The natural gemstone we use - the Germanium, is hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause skin reactions. Similarly, magnets typically do not cause allergic reactions.